Everyday Adventurer - Gauri Verma

Meet our next Everyday Adventurer Gauri Verma, designer and stylist with amazingly quirky sensibilities. 


Name - Gauri Verma
What you do - I am the co-owner of our brand called JODI.  And I am also a freelance fashion and costume stylist.
What inspires you - I am a hoarder and a graphics freak. I love collecting illustration books, postcards, decor things, old perfume bottles, everything I guess. All kinds of cultures inspire me. 
What does Everyday Adventure mean to you - It means setting a certain goal a day and getting it done. Jodi is my greatest adventure. Just learning and creating and having to do it all on your own. Its very exciting.
Tell us a random fact about yourself - I love re-reading the Harry Potter series and Fountainhead (Ayn Rand) every year. And I have OCD when it comes to cleanliness/order and such things.
Your favourite pair of Fizzy Gs - The enchanted back sandals.
What would you pair your Fizzy Gs with? - With my JODI wrap dress. 


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