Why We're Living & Lounging In The New Fizzy G Sliders

by Bhavika Govil |

Why We're Living & Lounging In The New Fizzy G Sliders

In photo: Enchanted Forest Sliders

Are the monsoons raining your parade (and ruining your shoes)? There’s a new Fizzy Goblet collection in town to add to your collection. Introducing, the Fizzy G sliders! Rain or shine, they won’t let you down.

Reasons to get your feet in them:

a. They’re water-friendly: They’ll let you splash in puddles, walk through parks and have a good grip.

In photo: Love Stories Sliders

b. Your feet will thank you: They’re made of soft, breathable material that can withstand hours of walking, hopping and running (late). And they’re are made with cork soles (no leather). 

c. They’re for the clumsy and careful alike: Remember the splashing about in puddles? Here’s how to keep them clean and sparkling.

d. You look taller: These are one-inch-wonders that add height when you’re aren’t willing to break up with comfort.

In photo: Porcupine Sliders

e. A blessing for broad feet: Give your feet the space they need. No more cramped toes!

And the last reason is that they look adorable, really. Pair these hand-embroidered sliders with your denim jeans, a pencil skirt or just on the way to your yoga class. Aren’t those reasons enough?

Go, get them, monsoon (and otherwise) trooper. Choose yours here.

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