We’re Giving You A Little Something…

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We’re Giving You A Little Something…

 Photo Source: Fizzy Goblet

The coming month has got us excited for many reasons, the good weather only playing a small part of it. We have a lot lined up in the Fizzy G studio, but the most exciting thing of all is our new surprise.

In July, we made our Fizzy scrunchies that we gave away to you with each order. It was our first step in our zero waste initiative, as we used leftover fabrics from earlier designs (a polka-dotted scrap here, a stripe one there) and whipped it up into cutesy scrunchies. 

With a new month comes a new surprise, and this time around, we’re giving away rakhis! With every order you place with us, there will be a fun (free) rakhi slipped into your pink Fizzy G box. What's special about it? Look carefully—these are shoe strings upcycled, twisted and twirled into a new design. From sole to wrist, these brown cords have then been embellished with beads, and colourful threads. Plus, for this project, we teamed up with the wonderful NGO, Himalayan Blooms, that works with women from less privileged backgrounds. 

Photo Source:



Photo Source: Fizzy Goblet

The rakhi-bands are wrapped around a beige circle with the words To infinity and beyond is our bond! Not into rakhi much (or at all)? All the better—take it for yourself! These bands can simply be used as a bracelet. 


Can't get enough? In case you want to purchase the rakhis separately, you can also buy them online at the LBB Specials. Buy an individual rakhi here or a pack of five here. The proceeds from the sale of rakhis on LBB Specials go to Himalayan Blooms. Otherwise, you get a free rakhi with every order you place on the Fizzy Goblet site. 

We hope you enjoy your gift (and your shoes). Happy August to you. :) 

P.S. Reminder for the calendar: Rakhi is on August 26 this year!

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