Our New Year Re-Shoe-Lutions

by Bhavika Govil |

Our New Year Re-Shoe-Lutions

Happy 2019 to you! While others are raking up new gym membership bills and working hard, we've got our minds on other things. More specifically, our shoes. Here are 7 new shoe resolutions (re-shoe-lutions, if you will) we're keeping, to kick off the year on the right note. Tell us yours too!

No. 1

To take our shoes on new and exciting travels!
Fly Birdie Loafers Fizzy Goblet
...Or even just to more shoe stores 

No. 2

To tie our shoelaces before strangers tap us and say, "Hey, uh, your laces are open".
Fizzy Goblet Hot Air Balloon Sneakers

No. 3

To be bold and fearless (with our outfit and life choices) 

No. 4

To accept our flaws (that we just can’t travel ‘light) and love ourselves for who we are
Exhibit A

No. 5

To embrace work-life (aka work-Netflix) balance with grace
Fizzy Gobblet What's Up Buttercup Loafers

No. 6

To be a good friend, and an even better gifter!

                  No. 7

To always look for the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow :)

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