A Fizzy G Guide To: Surviving The Monsoon

by Aubrey Support |

A Fizzy G Guide To: Surviving The Monsoon

Pouring cats, dogs and the entire clan outside? Don't let the gloomy rain outside dull your outfit. Use our monsoon survival guide to add pops of colour to your feet and be able to safely plough through puddles. 

Here's the only checklist you should need when stepping out: Umbrella? Check. Excuse for being late to work? Check. Fizzy G's. Check!

When It's Pouring Cats & Dogs


Weather forecast: Rain showers with a hint of storm
Shoe to put on: Fizzy G Sliders
Here's why: The thick cork sole lets the water just slide off its base, and after you come home, just let the shoe dry. 

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For a Light Rainy Day


Weather forecast: Light-medium rain with a little sunshine
Shoe to put on: The Loafers or sliders
Here's why: Both our loafers and sliders come with a thin rubber sole, which will let you get through a moody, rainy day.

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When It Unexpectedly Drizzles

Weather forecast: Sunny and a chance of drizzle
Shoe to put on: The classic Fizzy G juttis
Here's why: Our leather juttis are super comfortable, and can take light drizzles. When you're out and about and it unexpectedly rains, your shoes will keep you sorted. (Fair warning: they're not meant for heavy rain-use so pair them wisely!)

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We hope you enjoy the monsoon as much as we do! In case you're still apprehensive, here's a quick cheat sheet to brave the rain :)

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