How To: Wear Your Fizzy G's to Work

by Bhavika Govil |

How to: Wear Your Fizzy G's to Work 

Nothing quite takes away the dullness of the Monday morning meeting than looking down to a great pair of shoes. If you’ve always wanted to take your Fizzy G’s to work, and wondered which, what and how, here’s a style guide for you.

Things you need: a fine pair of Fizzy G’s (look below for our recommendations), your fave work pants or work dress, an attitude none-to-match & your fabulous self :) 

Steps To Take (Pun intended): 

1. Pick a Fizzy G.

Browse our website or through your shoe closet, and pick a Fizzy G you’d like to wear to work.

2. Pair an outfit with it

A few of our suggestions are:

a. Safari Monk Loafers

Safari Monk Loafers

Photo Source: Fizzy Goblet 

Best worn with: a pair of beige pants or black trousers

Get them here. 

b. Hot Air Balloon Sneakers

Hot Air Balloon Sneakers

Photo Source: Fizzy Goblet

Best worn with: your formal white shirt with an A-line skirt, or even just your denim skinnies (throw in the morning paper in your tote for the perfect work look)

Get them here.

c. Black Kantha Sneakers

Photo Source: Fizzy Goblet

Best worn with: a matching pant-suit, or just about anything you fancy (you can’t go wrong with black) 

Get them here

d. The Travel Sneakers

Goa vibe sneakers

Photo Source: Fizzy Goblet

Best Worn With: your Casual Fridays outfit, be it jeans, black pants or anything that needs a pop of colour (for the times when you are buried in work, but your feet are daydreaming of travel). 

Get them here and here.

e. Flamin-goes With Everything Loafer

Flamingo Loafers

Photo Source: Fizzy Goblet

Best Worn With: a chambray shirt, a denim skirt

(If HR checks in because you aren't adhering to the dress code, just show them the stripes ;))

Get them here
3. Have a wonderful day! And be ready to be asked ‘I love your shoes, where did you get it?’

Bhavika Govil is a writer made up of equal parts popcorn and puns.
Read more of her work here and see her illustrations here

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