How To: Make A Kickass Insta Story

by Bhavika Govil |

How To: Make a Kickass Insta Story

Have a thing for Instagram? So do we! If you’ve been following us, you may have noticed that we love hanging out on Instagram stories.

Do you want to up your own Story game too? Whether you’re a fashion blogger, love capturing your pet cat's every movement or just like clicking pictures of food, we’re letting you in on our fave tips and tricks on making interesting Insta stories. Follow along:

Have fun with fonts:

Instagram has so many fun fonts for your words. Pick a font you like to establish the mood you’re in: typewriter when you feel poetic, strong when you want to make a big, bold announcement or even neon for a little whimsy. Remember, you can always use a combination of these, and play with colours to keep it lookin’ fresh.

Some of the ways we like to switch it up are:

a. Rainbow: Check out how to use a fun rainbow text & make your story pop here

Photo Source: Fizzy Goblet

b. Colour Blocking: You can add a colourful background for each word that you write, and even change the colour of the fonts

Photo Source: Fizzy Goblet

c. Add a Solid Background: Use the colour picker tool to set the background to a solid colour and just some text. This can be great for the opening and closing slides of your story.

Photo Source: Fizzy Goblet 

Mix it up:


While pictures are the basis, make the most of all of Instagram’s features. A little video or movement makes your story so much more interesting. You can try using the stop-motion filter (keep a steady hand), rewind (try clicking a friend walking & see her go backwards) or just a good old Hands-free video

Let’s talk:  

Goa vibes

Photo Source: Fizzy Goblet

It’s awesome to get your friends/ audience involved in your Insta story, so try and make it interactive. You can use the polls feature on insta story, ask a question at the end or make a guessing game out of it. For example: if you’ve visited a beautiful lesser-known place in your city, you can ask everyone to guess where it may be.

Less is more: 

If you’re used to putting about 10-12 updates per Insta story, you may notice that by the end of it, the number of people decreases while watching your story. That may be because it’s too long. Keep it short and simple, and you’ll hold people’s interest longer!

Enjoy the present: 


Whether it’s an art show you’re at or a new place you’re exploring, making a good Insta story takes a little time. Just click the pictures and videos you want, keep the phone away and enjoy the moment. You can make your Insta story when you’re back home. Pick out your favourite of the lot & get building. :)

BTW: You can also add stickers, tag your location (or not, to keep up the mystery) and keep exploring features. Have fun!

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