How To: Do Florals For Spring (& Still Make It Ground-breaking)

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How To:  Do Florals for Spring (And Still Make it Ground-Breaking)

When The Devil Wears Prada hit the movie hall, it made even the most loyal believers of the flower power question themselves. Meryl Streep’s withering look could not, however, lessen our love for flower prints and all things flowers. If you too have wondered how best to style florals (and floral shoes) in spring and summer, and get away with it - read on. 

What You Need: whites, stripes and floral clothes, access to your sister’s/friend’s wardrobe (permission not essential, but recommended), a pair of floral Fizzy G’s and a love for summer.

Steps to take (Pun intended) :

1. Match your floral shoes with white

Off-set your brightly-coloured floral shoes with a white dress or top. It’ll keep you feeling cool, and be perfect for a day you wish to be easy on the eyes. 

Meadow About

 Photo source: Fizzy Goblet

2. Florals on florals 

It’s not a blasphemy if done right - match your floral shoes with a floral outfit. Just make sure that if the shoes have a small print, then the florals on your outfit can be a bigger print (and vice versa).  

And if you want to go all out…

Poppy Power loafers

Photo source: Fizzy Goblet

3. Match completely 

Buy matching floral outfits and shoes, and don’t care a fig what the world says. Add a leather jacket to complete the look (and balance it out).

BTW: You can match our Fizzy G x Payal Singhal Fiori Felici collection with Payal Singhal’s clothes here

Bulbul's Song

Photo source: Fizzy Goblet

4. Stripe it up! 

One of our favourite pattern combinations - stripes and florals are pretty much a match made in heaven. Wear a striped pair of trousers, long skirt or kurta and put on your floral shoes. 

Feeling Foxy

Photo source: Fizzy Goblet

Do you love florals too? You may want to add some of our floral Fizzy G’s to cart. Take a look at them here:

That’s all.

Bhavika Govil is a writer made up of equal parts popcorn and puns.
Read more of her work here and see her illustrations here

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