Fresh Off The Press: White Panda Sneakers

by Bhavika Govil |

Fresh Off The Press: White Panda Sneakers

If there are two things we have been obsessed with at the Fizzy G office this season, it’s been a. cute animals and b. monochromes (Okay, we’ve always been obsessed with animals).

Panda Sneakers
Panda Sneakers

Photo Source: Fizzy Goblet

By popular vote, we combined the two and made The Panda Sneakers

We’ve hand-embroidered this adorable black-and-white bear on a white leather material, added a special black lace and given the classic sneaker a major upgrade. This pair is super comfy, and you can hustle through the most bristly bamboo-shoots (aka tough work meetings) with no trouble at all.

Goes well with : rolled up jeans, your old plaid school skirt, more black and white

Buy them here.  

BTW : Is your mum’s classic ‘But white gets dirty quickly’ saying stuck in your head? Take a quick look to our easy-peasy guide to keeping your Fizzy G’s sparkling clean.

If you love white sneakers as much as we do, you can take a look at our daydreamer and pom sneakers too?

pom sneakers
daydreamer sneakers

Photo Source: Fizzy Goblet 

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