A Day In The Life Of Our Founder

by Bhavika Govil |

A Day In The Life Of Our Founder

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What does Laksheeta Govil, the founder & Creative Head of Fizzy Goblet, do in a span of 24 hours? 

a. Manage two offices

b. Make a 100 phone calls 

c. Throw a pizza party 

Only time (and reading the article below) will tell! 

We take a look into her everyday routine (in her words), hoping we find inspiration or at least some time-management skills! Here we go. 


The alarm sounds at (then 7.30 and then 8am) and I wake up. The first thing I do is make my bed, because it makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something right in the morning. I then gulp down a tumbler of cold coffee (half milk-half water-no sugar) to get the day started. I also like to like to listen to podcasts and jot down pointers I like so that I can refer to them later.
I usually find this the best time to tune out and work because it’s so silent and the phone calls haven’t begun ringing yet. This is when I do about 30 minutes of yoga, or some kind of stretches. And for breakfast, I’ll either have eggs, oats, uttapam or avo toast, if I can convince someone to make it. ;)

The Work Day Begins

I’m working out of different offices in Noida, Bombay and Singapore. If I’m getting into the India offices, I’ll be in by 9.30-10am, and check my emails and take a round of the office first. I keep mornings for things that require more concentration (or so I try), such as designing, accounts, or the toughest things on my list that should be tackled with first.

What's for lunch?

Lunch is usually a grab-and-go. When I’m working in Singapore, I usually get one of those salad bowls, pita pockets or meals from Soup Spoon. In India, besides home food, If I’m feeling indulgent, or we are celebrating a win, or if it’s been a few long work days weeks, we have a pizza party where we stress-eat our feelings and get recharged for the rest of the week. 

No lazy afternoons

Afternoons are usually for planning something next: whether a new gifting idea or finalising a shoe design. Sometimes, that’s when I have a meeting with my teams, like on Monday, I sit with the Marketing & Instagram team to finalise the gameplay for the upcoming week. 

I do, however, usually prefer meetings over the phone than meetings in person. (Who wants another meeting that could have been an email, yes?)


After work, I just really want some good food, so more often than not, I’ll try and get dinner outside. Otherwise, I like to just spend some time with the family, and maybe convince everyone to play the strategy board game Catan (it is my latest obsessionyou have to try it).

Lights Out 

I find nighttime the best time for me to design. I usually keep a pad of tracing paper and pencil on my bedside and free flow with ideas or do some random freehand doodling, especially if I'm in the middle of a phone conversation.

Then I keep my phone in the next room (or at least an arm’s distance away) with many more alarms for the next morning. Lastly, I tear off the previous day’s list, I make a new to-do list, and plan my day ahead. It doesn’t always go to plan, but it’s always exciting and I love it. 

As told to Bhavika Govil. Read more of her work here . 

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