The Origin

It all began with a wish. A wish to own that funky pair of shoes gleaming out of the show window of a boutique. Unfortunately, like most beautiful things in life it came attached with a fine print...a very expensive fine print.


Disappointment led to a strong desire to avenge this injustice. Gathering courage, with a strong resolve to find her own, she carefully charted her revenge. Laksheeta Govil, a final year graduate student from Pearl Academy of Fashion, New Delhi, India decided to create her own pair of shoes that would not only give expression to her talent but also help her carve a niche for herself.

Her weapons of choice? A trusty paintbrush, a box of paints and a pair of snow white sneakers. Voila, Fiery Fiesta the first pair of shoes from Fizzy Goblet was thus born! 


What followed the genesis of Fizzy Goblet was a series of highs. Her business partner Abhinav Mehra, MBA student from Mumbai represented Fizzy Goblet on a well-known business venture reality television show and finished with top honours as the runner up. Fizzy Goblet now began to attract media attention and was featured in stories in key publications.


Fizzy Goblet continued to create and innovate with new designs, with customized options and with interesting themes. But we needed to evolve into something more. We wanted to blend the Indian with the contemporary and we believed it was time for the classic jutti to get a makeover.


Juttis have a long-standing history that goes back down many ages. Being one of the earliest forms of footwear in India, they are worn by men, curled at the tip to represent moustaches and by women , blunted at the edge, to resemble a kiss..

This classic piece of footwear has no dearth of history or humour attached to it!

And the most interesting of them all, they have no left or right. They ask you to choose and remain as chosen.


Fizzy Goblet decided to invigorate the traditional Jutti and launch a new line. A long standing tradition with a focus on exquisite workmanship and the best quality leather, was reenergized with graphic elements and an embellishment of unusual materials to give the Jutti a new soul.. A desire to create something new that would suit almost every occasion and every outfit. In fact, the Fizzy Goblet Jutti now compels you to pick the Jutti and find an outfit that would go with you... a new trend, a new statement, a new you.



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