Fizzy Gs Designed by You!


Fizzy Gs – Create your own pair!


Calling all designers


Submit your designs. If shortlisted, you get to see your designs in production! What’s more, we give you design credits and a share of the sales proceeds.


To submit your design:


1. Download the two design template files to your desktop. 


2. Create your art.


We recommend using a program such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator to create your design on the templates provided. Make sure to create your art at a minimum resolution of 300 dpi and to the approximate size of the final printed product. 


3. Submit your art


Email your designs (on the templates provided) to Submit a low-resolution version of your design for the contest. Once submitted, all designs are reviewed internally. You will receive a confirmation email once your design is approved.


Reasons for Rejected Submissions:

               Copyright infringement or duplicate submission

               Artwork has offensive or inappropriate content

               Damaged submission file or the artwork needs more work


4. Promote your design


We will upload the selected designs to our facebook page and website. Spread the word by letting friends and family know how talented you are! Post a status message with a link on Facebook, make a tweet on Twitter, post an image on Tumblr, email your entire contact list! Reel in those votes and likes!


5. How are the winning designs chosen?


The number of likes/wants for each design on our website and Facebook page and a review by our design team determine which designs go into production. 


We reward designers with a credit on the packaging as well as 10% of the sale proceeds for the first 3 months from the launch of a particular design. 






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